Onsite SEO

You can have the best looking website with the greatest features ever and it may never ever bring in a qualified resident!  If nobody finds it, it is pretty useless.  At Resident Capture it is our job to get your website found on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by improving what your website says and how it says it.  The process is simple, but the techniques that go into that process are invaluable.

  1. Research & Planning
  2. Content Development
  3. Active Content Creation
  4. Reporting

Resident Capture will provide your team with what you need, whether you need just a few items or an all-encompassing SEO program.  We are here to help.  Remember it all begins with good keyword research then a strong Meta page plan needs to be created before page content can be written.  Then we need to continually add unique and relevant content to your website.   Finally we send you weekly and monthly reports so you can see for yourself the work we are doing.  The real results will be evident as your online leads increase and your occupancy grows. If you believe your website could be improved contact us, we know what to do.

Offsite SEO

Resident Capture provides its multi-family website clients the most comprehensive offsite search engine optimization program available in the industry. It is estimated that roughly 50 percent of websites page rank is determined by how well it is optimized offsite.  Politely said, if you are interested in leasing apartments via your website it is highly advisable to begin and maintain a robust offsite SEO program.

At Resident Capture our team has assisted hundreds of apartment communities  in helping them develop their offsite SEO strategy.  If you have not yet engaged in off site SEO for your community’s websites then now would be a good time to start.

One of our clients’ favorite features included with Off Site SEO is our ResNetDashboard, a powerful tool that integrates all of your online marketing including your reputation management.  Resident Capture’s cost effective Off Site SEO program will bring you more qualified prospects on a continual basis.  Contact one of our marketing advisors today!