Your Community’s Reputation is Critical to Your Success!

Reputation Management is a critical component for any apartment community.  Consider your current internet presence.  Do you know what potential residents will find when searching for your community online or for apartments in your area?  Chances are they will find one of several national websites that list reviews on the first page of their search.  In many cases those sites will rank above your community’s website.

The first step in Reputation Management is discovering what is being said about your community online.  Conducting a full scale reputation management audit will help you understand how apartment renters will view your community online.  You can conduct this audit yourself or our team of highly qualified reputation management advisors can conduct one for you.  A simple search of your name is a great starting point, however, most prospective renters will search a variety of terms before finding your site.  Once you have completed your audit you need to know which of online listings allow residents to post both positive and negative reviews.  You also need to know which sites show reviews from other internet sites.  Then you need to monitor social media sites to see what is being said about your community.  This may sound overwhelming but we are here to help walk you through it.

At Resident Capture we take reputation management to the next level.  Our Reputation Management Dashboard takes critical steps out of the hands of your onsite team for security purposes.  We then construct a fully customized dashboard allowing your team the ability to instantly manage reviews.  All of this information at your fingertips allows your community management team to stay up to date and ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Multi-Family Reputation Management:

  • Secure online setup
  • Online profile setup
  • Daily reporting
  • Weekly reporting
  • Monthly reporting
  • Social media monitoring
  • Improves resident retention
  • Improves quality of online traffic
  • Increase online conversion
  • Strong Return on Investment

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