When creating an apartment website, you have to not only make it easy for users, but also make it usable to all the search engines. Practical concerns arise that relate the navigation of your website and the overall architecture. Proper website navigation and architecture is essential for search engine optimization.

Website Architecture is the way every page of your website is connected to every other page. It is very important that your website is not only easy for your customers to use, but also the search engines. Poor website architecture can/will eliminate conversions, traffic, and rankings with the search engines. If search engines cannot get to the content of your website because it is in search forms that have to be submitted, the search engines will not find it or index it. This can easily be avoided by hiring a website design company that specializes in SEO website development, like Resident Capture.

Properly developing the navigation for your apartment community’s website will have an enormous impact on which pages and keywords will rank with the search engines. Pages that have multiple links leading to them will rank much higher than pages with few or no links. Website architecture needs to consist of multiple levels within the hierarchy:

  • Home Page: this page generally has the highest link popularity so you can optimize it for the most competitive phrases.
  • Amenities Page: the second level pages are those linked to your main navigation. Boost these pages with keyword terms associated to the category itself.
  • Floor Plan pages should make up the third level. Optimization can be applied directly to your floor Plans.
  • Value added content such as videos, podcasts, blog posts, and articles should make up the fourth level of your website architecture. This is one of the key ways to establish credibility within your industry.

You may have the best looking apartment website on the planet but if it has poor navigation and is not optimized well, it could be the difference between being 92 and 96 percent occupied. The bottom line remains more online traffic equals more leads and leases. If you are interested in learning more about our search engine optimization programs for your apartment communities websites‘ we are here to help!